We are introducing a new ordering system for reversible singlets this Summer 2016-17 season.

Our singlets will now be ordered directly from our supplier SLAMSTYLE

Cost of a reversible singlet is $65 (until 30th August 2016)

Singlets ordered before 30th August will be delivered in time for the start of next season.

The Club allocates all new players' singlet numbers but you can request a preferred number.

The singlets can be personalised with the player’s name/nickname across the back but inappropriate names will be rejected.

To order singlets:

You can click this automatic link which will create a pre-formatted email or you can copy and paste the template below into your email and send it to the following address

 Parent's Name  
 Player's Name  
 Phone Number  
 Email address  
 SLAMSTYLE Jersey Size (5XS-5XL)  
 Singlet Number (allocated by the club)  
 Player Name to go on jersey (leave blank if no name is required)  

SLAMSTYLE will reply directly to you with an invoice and payment instructions within 1 to 2 business days. Order date will be considered to be the date that you send the initial email.

N.B: orders need to be in by 5pm on August 30th or delivery cannot be guaranteed for the start of the summer season.

If ordering for more than one child you can simply copy and paste the template multiple times within the one email, parent name and contact details can be left blank for subsequent children.

To determine singlet sizing read tips below from SLAMSTYLE.

Take an existing t-shirt/jersey/singlet and lay it flat on a surface.  Measure from armpit to armpit.  This gives a width that will correspond to a width/size on our sizing chart.

Click here for sizing information or refer to SLAMSTYLE website (Select Sizing Chart on main menu then download the PDF titled “unisex jersey and shorts chart”)

We often find that 5XS is for the littlies (5 - 6year olds), then it moves up from there 4XS approx. 6-7 year old, 3XS 7-8 year olds etc.  This is a very general rule and doesn’t account for the outlying tall/rotund/short/thin children; but at least helps you see where your child should roughly sit.  Then you can use the sizing chart to see if they are in the ball park (if this really doesn't match measurements for your child, please get in touch at for additional help) .

SLAMSTYLE will not be held accountable for any incorrect sizing ordered.