Art. 21 Jump ball - Alternating possession
Domestic explanation
New Rule - Winter 2004 
  1. The alternating possession rule is a method of putting the ball in play with a throw-in rather than a jump ball 
  2. The only jump balls that will occur in a game are at the start of each half and any extra period 
  3. At any other time. Teams will alternate the ball for the throw-in at the spot nearest to where the jump ball situation occurs 
  4. The team to be awarded the ball for the alternating possession throw-in shall be indicated by the alternating possession arrow(on the score bench) 
  5. The scorers are responsible for ensuring that the direction of the arrow is correct. (Initially referees will have to keep some sort of "idea" about who is entitled to possession) 
  6. As soon as a team gains possession of the ball at the initial jump ball for the half or extra period, the arrow will be turned to the direction that the other team is shooting(not to their bench) 
  7. When a jump ball situation occurs, the referee will look to the score bench to see which way the arrow is pointing. The team shooting in that direction will gain possession of the ball at the nearest point on the sideline from where the infraction occurred 
  8. The alternating possession procedure starts when an official places the ball at the disposal of a player for a throw-in and ends when the passed ball touches an in bounding player or when the throw-in team commits a violation 
  9. The direction of the arrow is reversed immediately when the alternating possession throw-in ends 
  10. If the team making the throw-in violates, the right to possession is forfeited, and the arrow is reversed