Cougars Coaching Hall of Fame
Graham Hubbard Perpetual Trophy recipients

 Summer 1999/2000 Angela St Clair
 Winter 2000 Mick Tassone
 Summer 2000/01 Maggie Mc Bain
 Winter 2001 Tim Hodge
 Summer 2001/02 Anna de Araugo
 Winter 2002 Jenny Gangel
 Summer 2002/03 Jess de Araugo
 Summer 2003/04 Max Ezerins
 Summer 2004/05 Hayden Curry
 Winter 2005 Greg Mc Lardie
 Winter 2006 Victoria Wright
 Summer 2006/07 Anna Daly
 Summer 2006/08 James Douglas
 Winter 2013 Kylie Wehner
 Summer 2013/14 Mandy Tyson
 Winter 2014 Jamie Keck 
 Summer 2014/15 Tim Shue 

Graham Hubbard was the first coach for Canterbury Cougars and decided to create this award to recognize coaches within the club for their commitment and dedication. This award is decided by the Coaching Coordinators based on the following criteria:
  • Coached more than 5-6 seasons with Canterbury Cougars
  • Completed Level 1 Coaches Course
  • Has inspired players they have coached to become coaches themselves
  • The ability to develop individuals as well as the whole team
  • Follows the Coaches Code of Conduct