Any possible reportable incident needs to be documented and sent to the Operations Coordinator via the Age Coordinators within 24-48 hours after the game.

If there is a reportable incident or a breach of Conduct by a player/parent or coach, the HBA Head Referee Adviser will forward an incident report to the Operations Coordinator to investigate and respond to.

Please find below a guide outlining the steps to take:

Write Incident report:




Opposition team:

Witness name:

Referee / Supervisor name:

Name of the person making the claim:



 1: Did you report the incident to the referee/ stadium supervisor at the time of the incident?

 2: Did the referee / stadium supervisor witness the incident?

 3: Did the referee/stadium supervisor write this incident up on their report form?

 4. Do you have a witness such as Team Manager/player to collaborate the story?

 5: Incident report must be sent to the Age Coordinator and cc the Head Coaches in. The Age Coordinator will forward this to the Operations Coordinator via  and the Operations Coordinator will take the appropriate action required based on the incident.


Tribunals: Players, coaches, officials and spectators may be reported for misconduct. Suspensions may be enforced for those found guilty of the reported offence(s).

Below are Tribunal offences:

Is this a reportable offence if so please outline clearly.

Did this bring the game of Basketball into disrepute? If so, please outline.

What was the unsportsmanlike behaviour?

Was there any offensive Language?

Was there any injury?