The Committee

The club currently maintains a committee of approximately 16 positions to assist in its operations. 

Apart from the President, Secretary, Treasurer and specific areas of responsibility for uniforms and training venues, the day-to-day operation of the club is carried out by the Player Coordinators and Coaching Coordinators. To lighten the load for the volunteers who assist in this way, it was decided a few seasons ago to divide the boys and girls teams into senior and junior sections. The coordinators of these sections are the people with whom Team Managers will most generally communicate. Similarly we have Coaching Coordinators for the boys and girls teams to appoint and monitor the progress of coaches. 

We encourage parents, who are interested in their children's sport, to become involved in the administration of the club. It is only through such volunteers that the Club can function.

Meetings and Communication

The Club generally holds Team Managers and coaches' meetings at the beginning of each season and an Annual General Meeting once a year. The latter provides a forum for information and feedback on the operation of the club, and team or competition issues. It is anticipated the information notes, provided at the beginning and end of each season will ensure members are kept well informed. If a player or parent has any queries or issues, please do not hesitate to contact a committee member. A list of the current members is available on the site under "About the Club".