If the behaviour of a player or group of players, either on or off the court, at training or at games, is considered by the coach to be unacceptable, then the coach will:
  1. Warn the player.
  2. Seek the help of the manager, or at training, the supervising parent.
  3. Ask the parents of the player/s to attend training or games.
  4. Bench the player/s for part or all of the current or following match.
If the coach and/or manager feel that the above measures have not been successful, the Player Coordinator or Club President should be informed. The committee, after consultation with all people concerned, will make the necessary decisions about the future of the player/s or team. The committee can ask an offending player to leave the club, or wind up the team.

This process is stated here so that all understand the club's policy in this area in the hopefully rare instance when a problem arises.